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125 two of which we have noted, in which two abstracts of the same paper are given as distinct articles and under separate headings. For example, Diani's "chlorinated carbolic acid" (p. 41, abstract from the "Bull. g^n. de therap.")is unquestion- ably the same as the " trichlorated phenol" of p. 197 (abstract from the "Lond. Med. Record"), while the more accurate designation cliemically, and the one which we generic flovent believe the author himself employed, is triohlorpbenol. It is uot with the purpose fluticasone nose spray of mere fault-finding that we point out these flovent cost errors, which, after all, appear of only trifling uioraent. In fluticasone salmeterol a hook of this sort we have the right to expect accuracy even in details, and a little care might have obviated all criticism. The good points of the book are seen in its longer articles, in the selection of which much fluticasone nasal good judgment has been shown. The most important of these are the articles on chloride of ba- rium, by Ringer and Sainsbury; Weir's article on ooiTOsive sub- limate, which will be familiar to readers ot the "Journal"; Uhthoff's paper buy cheap flovent on eserine; the elaborate and valuable disserta- tion, covering fifty pages of the book and translated especially for it, upon the physiological action of iodofurni, by Rnmino; Nancrede's paper on inflammation and the therapeutic value of local depletion ; and the articles ui)on bichloride of methylene and otiier anajsthetics and upon psoriasis. The two revues critiques on resorcin and on tuberculosis make us wish that the author had cheap flovent thrown more of his compilations into this form, since, in our opinion, there is no more satisfactory way of pre- senting the results of a number of papers on related subjects than by their collection in one article, where they may be com- pared, contrasted, and criticised. In spite of the criticism with which we started out, and of the justice of which we feel ])ersuaded, we believe that the book is of value, and have no hesitation in recommending it tu our readers — both as iutrinsically worth perusal and as furnishing a guide to sources of purchase flovent online valuable thera])eutic information. Opera Minora: a Collection of Essays, Articles, Lectures, and Addresses, from 186G to 1882, inclusive. By Edward C. SEoriN', M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System in the College of Physicians and Sur- geons, New York, etc. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1884. Pp. x-687. [Price, $5.] As is flovent online mentioned in the title, this volume contains nothing but what has already appeared in print, and hence has fluticasone spray been subjected to criticism. When we consider the magnitude of medical literature, and of the literature of diseases of the nerv- ous system in particular, we must confess that the publication of a volume of miscellaneous essays is somewhat venturesome, unless intended for private order flovent online distribution, a'* Dr. Seguin tells us the original intent was in this case. Emanating from a writer of the scholarship and acumen of nasal spray fluticasone Dr. Seguin, however, such a publication comes rather in answer to a requirement than other- wise, and we feel certain that his friends and the pupils who have listened to his lectures — models of clearness — at the Col- lege of Physicians and Surgeons for the past few years, will be glad that the original intention was changed and the edition made sufficiently large to admit of its being put upon sale. As has order flovent been said, professional criticism has already established the scientific status of the contents of the book, and that will re- main. As a literary production it must also take a high rank, and we hazard the assertion that there are few books in English buy flovent online or American medical literature with so pure, readable, and in- telligible use of our language as will be found in this. Dr. Seguin has been fortunate in the choice of an editor in Dr. Amidon, and, as the author courteously acknowledges in his preface, certain important and flovent price meritorious features of the book are due to Dr. Amidon. A Manual of Obstetrics. By A. F. A. King, M. 1)., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children in the Medical Department of the Columbian University, Washing- ton, D. C, and in the University of Vermont, etc. AVith fifty -nine illustrations. Second edition. Philadelphia: Hen- ry C. Lea's Son & Co., 1884. Pp. xx-25 to 338, inclusive. We are glad to observe the token which this second edition gives that Dr. King's work has been iiropeily appreciated by the profession. The author's plan in its preparation was not an ambitious one ; he has contented himself with giving an abstract of the current teaching in obstetrics, but he has done it so well, has brought it so within the comprehension of the general read- er, and has so infused into il buy flovent the unmistakable marks of his per- sonality, as to make it a hand-book of unusual excellence. BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS RECEIVED A Treatise on Chemistry. By H. E. Roscoe, F. R. S., and C. Schorleinmer, F. R. S., Professors of Chesiiistry in the Vic- toria University, Owens College, Manchester. Voh IIL The Chemistry of the Hydrocarbons and their Derivatives: or Or- ganic Chemistry. Part IL New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1884. Pp. ix-655. [Price, $6.] Diseases of the Heart and Thoracic Aortii. By Byrom Brara- well, M. D., F. R. C. P. E., Lecturer on the Principles and Prac- tice of Medicine, and on Practical Medicine and Medical Diag- nosis, in the Extra-academical School of Medicine, fluticasone propionate nasal Edinburgh, etc. flovent mg With 317 Illustrations. Edinburgh: Young J. Pentland, 1884. Pp. xvi-783. The same. New York: D. Appleton & Co., 1884. [Price, cloth, $8.] Lai. A Novel. By William 'A. Hanmiond. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1884. Pp. 466. Notes on Operations on the Eye. By Ram Kishen, L. M. S., Lahore, Assistant Surgeon. Lahore: "Tribune" Press, purchase flovent 1884. Pp. 2-ii-78-iii. Del Bacilo de Koch en la Tuberculosis. Importancia del Ex- amen Microscopico de los Esputos en el Diagnostico de la misma, y T^enica Especial para la Investigacion de dicbo Pantsito. Por el Dr. Leopoldo Lopez Garcia, Director, Propietario y Profesor Libre de un Laboratorio de llistologia, etc. Madrid : Estableci- miento Tipografico del Hospicio, 1884. [Price, 75 centimos.] Annual Announcement of the Medical Department of Niag-

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